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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Busy as a one legged man... a kicking contest.

But not as busy as Ted Williams.

Everyone has heard of Ted by now, the Ohio homeless man with the amazing voice who was discovered on YouTube, and in 7 days became the most famous voice over guy on earth. A bit of good news, he is taking some time off to relax, make sure he stays clean, and get out of the media pressure cooker that his life has become.

The Official release:


Columbus, Ohio – Al Battle, CEO of Battle Plan Promotions has announced the official cancellation of all interviews, and media appearances, for Mr. Ted Williams, allowing him the chance to decompress, rest, and get the professional help that he needs."After consulting with several psychologist and doctors we all agree that it time to allow private healing to take place. Ted would like to express his sincere thanks for all the love and support he has received," stated Battle.We want to reassure everyone that Ted's emotional and physical health is our first priority. The Battle Plan Promotions Team is working hard to set up a solid network of support and assistance when he returns home.We are asking the local, national and international community to embrace and welcome Ted home to a safe, stress free, and supportive environment.'

Watching this, you could tell it was overwhelming Ted, and I'm glad to see his manager recognized the potential for disaster, and is steering him in a good direction. His story is one for the ages, I want to see a happy ending!

Good luck, Ted, we in the VO community are all in your corner!

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