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Friday, January 14, 2011

Studio Update

If you saw the article about my studio on Voice Over Xtra, you know I had a few other plans in mind for it. Well, some have come to fruition, some have been changed, and some have been scrapped altogether.

First, I took out the M-Box, streamlining my signal chain. With the Aphex 230 into my Mac, via an optical cable, the M-Box is unnecessary. So now it's mic to Aphex to mac. Pretty clean! Next, I added two monitors to my computer, rotated to a vertical format. They are mirrored; that is to say, they both have the same thing displayed on them. One is on the desk, by the main monitor, the other in the booth. This gives me a much greener studio, as I am not printing out every single audition. Less paper, less ink. I also went back to the AT4033a mic, I loved the Neumann TLM 103, but it was TOO sensitive, if a mouse passed gas in the next room, it picked it up. When my soundproofing is better, I may go back, but for now, the Audio Technica is perfect. I added a dbx 286a pre-amp, to give me options, but I realized I just didn't need the redundancy, so it's gone.

And of course, I added a few more Lava Lamps! (30 on display in and around the studio, plus another eight, seasonal and in the rest of the house.)

I still have a lot of mods I intend to do, (hey, I'm a guy, I love to tinker with stuff), but it's pretty good for now!

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